EdgeWhat was started by Jason Page, a resident that wanted to bring many resources from the EdgeWater community to one site using aggregation and community created content from the community forums.

So far contributions are made by Jason Page as project lead. We also have another member in the community working shortly on the design elements for this project.

EdgeWhat is a non-partisan and religion-agnostic intuitive that does not take sides. EdgeWhat will include resources that are deemed a benefit to the community at large regardless of any inherit social/political stance. If a resource or business highlight becomes controversial for any reason the community is welcome to discuss that controversy in the EdgeWhat forum titled “Hot Potatoes.” EdgeWhat strives to make the community experience fun, engaging as well as a bedrock of growing resource.

With that said, EdgeWhat does not discriminate the listing of resources and aggregated feeds on any matter except hate groups and groups that incite hate or violence against others or property, regardless of their political/social inclination. EdgeWhat creator understands that only love through a community that strives to understand others is the only way we can achieve unity in a climate where emotional “Hot Potatoes” can sometimes cause the type of shallow disagreements that tend to divide and polarize people into labels.

The initial forum groups include:
1. Business Directory and Discussion
2. Community Discussion
3. EdgeWhat Futures Discussion

There are many already sub topics within those three forum groups.

My hope by creating this aggregator hub and resources for the Edgewater community will help bridge gaps in our differences and encourage unity through learning and understanding the community at large and in the process generate a list of resources.

This project can also inspire other communities to model their aggregated content and resources in a website like this one.

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